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Ferrari Classiche Academy

Bookings are now open for the 2020 season of the Ferrari Classiche Academy, a series of driving courses focusing on various models from the past that helped create the legend of the Prancing Horse.

The two-day course takes place at the Fiorano Circuit. It allows the Ferrari owners taking part to embark on a journey of discovery of the origins of the Maranello company, to get closer to the world of Ferrari Classiche and to learn the driving techniques for cars produced when electronics had not yet conquered the automotive world.

The programme begins with a practical introduction to the cars covered by the course (308 GTS and GTBi, 550 Maranello and Mondial 3.2) and their technical characteristics.

The cars are analysed in detail on the lift, and the powertrain is dismantled and studied in its constituent elements. Then, a guided tour of the Officine Classiche Ferrari allows participants to view technical drawings, engineers' notebooks and race reports for GT and racing cars produced from 1947 onwards. 

Subsequent track sessions consist of a series of briefings by instructors on driving techniques for cars without electronic assistance. Participants, together with their instructors, will conduct several driving sessions in a wide range of conditions, including driving in the wet and counter-steering at speed.

The next session of the Ferrari Classiche Academy is scheduled for 14-15 September 2020.

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