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Using authorised dealers and workshops within the official Ferrari network is the only way to ensure that you are entrusting your car to a qualified and experienced team. For this reason, the Welcome Back Programme was developed, designed by Ferrari for customers who wish to come back to the authorised network after at least two years of absence.

With this programme, Ferrari owners can ensure their vehicles are up to date with all the latest software, courtesy of a series of cutting-edge diagnostics tools. All operations are performed by Ferrari of San Antonio's specialist mechanics who have been trained at the Ferrari Training Centre in Maranello.

The details of the service are stored in Ferrari's electronic database. The customer is provided with a booklet that lists the operations performed by our staff; as well as providing certification of these. As an additional benefit, the programme entitles those who join to a year of roadside assistance*, as well as an invitation to an exclusive Ferrari event.

To take advantage of the programme, simply visit your nearest dealer and request a check, submitting your vehicle to the latest service and any necessary repairs or updates. The car must not have been serviced at an authorised workshop for at least two years.

* where available

To take advantage of the Welcome Back programme

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