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Ferrari Portofino M

A voyage of rediscovery

Ferrari Portofino M: the latest evolution of the Prancing Horses GT 2+ Spider

The Ferrari Portofino M is the evolution of the Ferrari Portofino, the Prancing Horse's 2+ GT spider. Having been the first new car launch in the wake of the company’s temporary closure due to the Covid-19 crisis, this car is also the symbol of a (re)starting point for the Prancing Horse’s pursuit of innovation whilst fully respecting its heritage, passion and constant search for perfection.

All of these values are reflected in the new Ferrari Portofino M where the ‘M’ in its moniker standing for ‘Modificata’ which, in Ferrari nomenclature, refers to cars that have undergone an evolution that has boosted their performance.

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  • Type V8 - 90°
  • Overall displacement 3855 cc
  • Bore and stroke 86.5 mm x 82 mm
  • Max. power output* 456kW(620cv) at 5750 – 7500 rpm.
  • Max. torque 760 Nm at 3000÷ 5750 rpm
  • Max. rpm 7500 rpm.
  • Compression ratio 9.45:1
*With 98 RON fuel
  • Length 4594 mm
  • Width 1938 mm
  • Height 1318 mm
  • Wheelbase 2670 mm
  • Front Track 1633 mm
  • Rear track 1635 mm
  • Kerb weight** 1664 kg
  • Dry weight** 1545 kg
  • Dry weight/power 2.49 kg/cv
  • Boot capacity 292 l
  • Fuel tank capacity 80 l
**With optional content
  • 0-100 km/h 3.45 s
  • 0-200 km/h 9.8 s
  • Max. speed > 320 km/h
  • Fuel consumption - Low 18 l/100km
  • Fuel consumption - Mid 11 l/100km
  • Fuel consumption - High 9,9 l/100km
  • Fuel consumption - Extra High 10,1 l/100km
  • Fuel consumption - Combined 11,3 l/100km
  • CO2 Emissions - Low 409 g/km
  • CO2 Emissions - Mid 250 g/km
  • CO2 Emissions - High 224 g/km
  • CO2 Emissions - Extra High 229 g/km
  • CO2 Emissions - Combined 256 g/km
*** The values of fuel consumptions and CO2 emissions shown were determined according to the European Regulation (EC) 715/2007 in the version applicable at the time of type approval. The fuel consumption and CO2 emission figures refer to the WLTP cycle.

There is no shortage of technical innovation in this stunning new evolution of the Ferrari Portofino. The most notable is its redesigned powertrain optimised to unleash 620 cv at 7,500 rpm – 20 cv more than the Ferrari Portofino - and a brand-new eight-speed gearbox that replaces the previous seven-speed version. A five-position Manettino further enhances the Ferrari Portofino's already superb handling and traction through the addition of the Race mode, an absolute first for a Maranello GT spider. The significant technological evolution the model has undergone is visually underscored by the new design of the the bumpers, which are sportier and more aggressive.

This latest design and engineering masterpiece from the Prancing Horse is the perfect evolution of the Ferrari Portofino and retains its predecessor’s twin soul as an authentic coupé with its top closed and a genuine spider when it is open. This is thanks, of course, to the Retractable Hard Top (RHT), the signature feature of all the Prancing Horse’s convertibles.

The Portofino M guarantees an unprecedented combination of authentic GT performance, driving pleasure, agility and exceptional versatility in everyday driving contexts. Its compact dimensions also make it ideal for all occasions. In fact, its unparalleled versatility and on-board comfort turn every trip into a voyage of (re)discovery.

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